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The Mpower hydraulic power unit has been developed for underwater rescue operations up to 80 m (262 ft). This unit can also be used on board to rescue trapped victims.
With the T360 technology, your tool works in any position, ensuring manoeuvrability whatever room you have. A dual 2 m (6 ft) hydraulic-electric hose connects the Mpower to the tools. The tool’s handle switch command the Mpower. For safety, to work away from the tool, the service handle can be disconnected, the electric cord is then separated from the hydraulic hose.
Connecting and disconnecting either tool to hydraulic or electric hoses can be done underwater.
The Mpower unit comes with a 2 m (6 ft) hydraulic hose, a 2 m (6ft) electric hose, 6 weight bags for buoyancy, a safety sling, a maintenance bag, and a PELICASE transport case.
The Mpower weight and volume favours buoyancy and adding or removing weight bags helps reach neutral buoyancy.
Mpower hydraulic unit autonomy: 45mn working time; average battery charge time: 90 min.
Important: the Mpower can be used with both tools, just unplug the one in use and plug the other one, this can be done on land or underwater