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The BHR7 kit includes a B.A.S hydroelectric power unit back pack, which can be used and transported on the back and a HR7 hydraulic door opener. This breaching kit breaks open multi-lock inward opening doors. The HR7 hydraulic door opener is designed to open wooden, metal or PVC doors, single or multi-locks inward opening doors. The HR7 horizontal jack plates are placed against the door frame. It is equipped with an exclusive telescopic rod system with a «Extend» quick-lock and can be adjusted in length to shorten installation time in front of the door. The HR7 is powered by the LIBERVIT hydroelectric power unit B.A.S and its own hydraulic hose (1.50 m/ 3 ft). To operate the BHR7 remotely, it is possible to use the foot pedal or hand remote control, both are convertible into radio or cable mode.