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The DOOR-RAIDER light door opener’s performance depends largely on the surface-adhesion of its lower plate tips. The two base plates of the DOOR-RAIDER light are equipped with anti-slip TSP1 tips, they are made from high resistance steel and can be sharpened. After each DOOR-RAIDER light door opener use, it is important to check the TSP1 tips for wear and tear and to sharpen or change them if necessary.
The tips should be replaced when, after a certain number of sharpening they are smaller than 22 millimetres – 0.8 inches.To sharpen the TSP1 tips use the TOURET/VE70/EU-015 sharpening pack. To ensure the correct height of the opener’s four tips, they need to be sharpened at the same time. The TSP1 tips are supplied in a pack of four and are available under the reference VE70/EU-015. Always replace all four tips at the same time.