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In the M63 case:

A cutter

A Mstab-63 buoy



The Mséries cutters’ range offers many possibilities:

The MBP40 with short, curved blades.

The MBPL40 with long, curved blades.

The MLD40 with short, straight blades.

The MLDL40 with long, straight blades.

The MU400 with U-shape blades.

All of these answer the different needs you might have facing extrication operations on automotive vehicles, ships, aircrafts, etc. these can be used on land or underwater. Each cutter with its Mstab buoy has neutral buoyancy and total mobility, this way the diver does not have to bear the tool’s weight.  If used from a distance the cutter will keep its neutral buoyancy giving the operator and the tool some safety. All our cutters have a 400kN cutting force.