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The LIBERVIT tactical training TTDoor has been designed to train in entry techniques. Most of our tools (rams, lever, Door Raider, OP55 & OP71…) can be used on the TTDoor. The TTDoor has an aluminium pad acting as an impact point when using a ram. It can be replaced when needed depending on the number and force of hits. This way the whole door structure remains intact. Single and multi-locks door strength is reproduced using 3 wood-calibrated lock simulators. When placed in the centre lock simulator slot, they act the same way a lock would when a door is forced open.
Two boxes of 100 wood inserts are provided with the TTDoor, reference: LIB15/70. The TTDoor was designed to give tactical teams the freedom to train and practice anywhere and anytime. The TTDoor is totally collapsible to ease transport.