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B.A.S. superlight

Compact, light and silent the B.A.S. hydraulic unit power supplies all the LIBERVIT hydraulic tools from the LIBERVIT ORANGEline ranges.
Transportable on the back, with a shoulder strap or by hand you will be able to evolve in difficult access area while keeping your hands free.
A dashboard protected by a removable flap provides access to the start-up switch as well as to the battery charge status indicator.
The B.A.S hydraulic power unit has an integrated 1.5 m hydraulic hose and a 48V lithium battery offering 120 minutes of working time to a tool.

Thanks to reinforced polyacetal quick release buckles the B.A.S. superlight can be worn and / or used in different ways:

Portage / use in back mode by shoulder straps
Portage / use in back mode on tactical vest molle
Portage / use in frontal mode on tactical vest molle
Portage / use in shoulder strap mode
Portage / use by hand
Ground use in vertical position
Ground use in horizontal position
The backpack panel and harnesses are removable and washable.

With the T360 technology developed by LIBERVIT, the B.A.S. hydraulic unit can be used and stored in all positions, while retaining all of its performance.

To ease as much as possible our units’ preventive maintenance, the B.A.S. superlight unit is delivered in series with a receiving and transmitting data system that all users can access on their smart phone to perform a complete diagnosis of their equipment. The Application LIBERVIT connected can be downloaded from the Google or Huawei store.