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B.A.S. superlight

Much lighter and compact than the B.A.S, the B.A.S superlight hydraulic unit is dressed in a 1100 Den multi-layered padded CORDURA fabric completed  with water repellent zippers and anti-noise partitions.

The covering is removable and washable.

The B.A.S superlight is IP64 rated and does not exceed the 48dB at 5m.

The dashboard removable protective flat gives easy access to the start button as well as the battery charge indicator.

It comes in series with a 48V Lithium battery with a 45 minutes tool action and a 100% charge in just 10 minutes.

The B.A.S superlight hydraulic power unit is delivered in series with a convertible manual remote control.  The wired configuration works up to 5m and in radio mode up to 30m.

A 1.5m hydraulic hose is stored in its compartment and is accessible from a right or left opening.

Thanks to reinforced polyacetal quick release buckles the B.A.S. can be worn and / or used in different ways:

Portage / use in back mode by shoulder straps
Portage / use in back mode on tactical vest molle
Portage / use in frontal mode on tactical vest molle
Portage / use in shoulder strap mode
Portage / use by hand
Ground use in vertical position
Ground use in horizontal position
The backpack panel and harnesses are removable and washable.

With the T360 technology developed by LIBERVIT, the B.A.S. hydraulic unit can be used and stored in all positions, while retaining all of its performance.

In order to simplify as much as possible the preventive maintenance part of our hydraulic power unit, the B.A.S. is delivered in series with a data acquisition and transmission system allowing each user, through their mobile phone, to make a complete diagnosis after downloading the free LIBERVIT CONNECTED application on the Apple Store or Google Play platforms.

As the B.A.S superlight does not power supply all the LIBERVIT tools, please check the power unit/ tools’ matching table before any decision.