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The D493 detector offers wireless remote monitoring of the dosage absorbed by one or more people operating in a risk zone. Each flowmeter gives the dosage and the dosage flow recorded by other flowmeters situated within a perimeter of 400 m – 1.312 feet (in free field). The operators can be remotely-guided to avoid entering a dangerous zone.
This remote monitoring system reassures operators and reduces the risk of contamination for those operating in potentially radioactive areas. Our appliances are equipped with graphic LCD screens with back light, but also sound, light and vibration alarms. Measurements are given in mSv/h ranging from 1μSv/h to 160 mSv/h.
The remote sensor permits, if necessary, the operator to keep the case on their belt and to hold just the sensor in their hand. The operator will be alerted either by an alarm or by another operator by radio control.