CATALOGUE LIBERVIT BLUEline nuclear industry 2020

- 82 - Since 2003 LIBERVIT has set up a quality management system to keep improving client satisfaction as well as providing high-level products and services. The ISO 9001 certification has been achieved since 2009. This process guarantees the highest quality that means a full reliability and an optimal lifetime of all the tools we manufacture. All LIBERVIT products automatically pass strict and severe QC tests; they all obtain a CE certificate before shipping. To lengthen our equipment lifetime, LIBERVIT provides the servicing and maintenance of all its products. If on-site maintenance operation is preferred, we can supply maintenance solution packs providing all the spare parts needed to repair your equipment as well as a detailed user’s guide. For all after-sales request ( ) , please indicate the serial number found on the constructor plate riveted onto the products. Demandes spécifiques QUALITY & MAINTENANCE AFTER-SALES TOLL FREE 0 805 385 123