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French Firefighters Convention

In reason of the actual turn of events, the French National firefighter federation (FNSPF) with the organization committee decided to postpone the Congress that was to be held in Marseilles the from the 14th to the 17th of October 2020.  The FNSPF general assembly will still take place in Paris on the 17th of October, as well as the orphan wards’ work and the firefighters’ mutual aid fund meetings. The talks between The “Président de la République” Mr Emmanuel MACRON” and  the FNSPF president Mr Gregory ALLIONE at the general assembly will be broadcasted to all the 7000 fire stations.

Jean-Marie BERTHELOT – sales manager SYANS


For the second time in a raw, LIBERVIT will be at the French Firefighters national federation congress. Our officiel ORANGEline distributor Syans will exhibit our tools on its booth #1A02.

LIBERVIT ORANGEline is dedicated to rescuers for extrication manoeuvres to free people from crashed vehicles, trains, lorries, aircrafts,  as well as victims on sites of collapsed buildings, earthquakes. The ORANGEline ranges proposes hydraulics and manual tools covering all possible firefighters or rescuers needs. Tools to open any door type (even armoured), shutters, windows, lifts’doors,  sealed boats’ doors etc. All the LIBERVIT tools have been designed with the user safety in mind. All are tools can be remotely activated and used to guarantee the rescuer safety (e.g.: from flashover).

LIBERVIT maritime rescue is the only hydraulic tools range in the world to offer rescuers the possibility to work in any environment: on land or underwater. Extrication and forcible entry by depth up to 80m. the tools are autonomous and benefits from a neutral buoyancy.

Come and discover all of the LIBERVIT ORANGEline & maritme rescue ranges’ tools. Demonstrations and tries in a pool.  A container fitted as a fishtank awaits you outside of the congress building to come and try our tools.