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The PPP5/7 foot pedal pump must only be used with LIBERVIT OP55 and OP71 door openers.
A single operator can hold the door opener while actioning it and pumping with his foot. Use the foot pedal in critical situations such as explosive atmospheres, or when silence is required or in narrow spaces, etc. Made of aluminium, the PPP5/7 foot pedal pump is particularly strong and light.
It has a small oil tank with no need for ventilation which means it can be stored and transported in any position. The PPP5/7 foot pedal pump is adapted to supply the OP55 or the OP71 door opener giving sufficient action speed without additional effort required on the foot pedal pump.
The PPP5/7 foot pedal pump can be packed in one of our solid PELICASE transport case, or adapted to one of our backpacks (optional). A hydraulic hose (ref. LFM3P or LFM6P) is necessary to connect the PPP5/7 foot pedal pump to the OP55 or OP71 door openers.